Multicaixa Express now allows 2ª proof of receipt


The Multicaixa Express (MCX Express) is an interbank payment application made available by EMIS by associating several multi-card cards with the mobile number and which aims to become the most important driving force for bankarization and the massification of electronic payments.

Recently the app got a new update which contains new features such as:

  • New “Activity” menu with the possibility of obtaining the 2nd copy of the proof of financial transactions from the application;
  • Shipping Push notificationsinforming the status of the transaction;
  • Management of Push notificationfor multi devices;
  • Optimization of customer information;
  • Activity Management
  • Addition of transaction No. in the vouchers;
  • Inclusion of additional data in the final transaction screens;

How to generate the 2 voucher copy in MCX Express?



  1. Hello..
    I cannot activate the express service because after following all the steps it asks me to enter digits
    the card number in positions it determines.
    I would appreciate it for help

  2. Good afternoon my dear! to activate the services do the following steps before you have to have the Multicaixa Express application already installed on the mobile phone. : 1- go to a Multicaixa terminal
    2-after introducing Multicaixa and the code, choose the option other services 3- Multicaixa Express 4- adhesion to Multicaixa. 5- after this it will ask for a phone number after it is inserted 6- it will ask you to generate a 6 digit code (numbers) that you will have to create at the moment and that you will always use.7- it will ask you to confirm the code and strips to re-enter the same code to confirm. 8- support this already. 9-confirm that you have internet connected on your mobile phone. 10- open the Multicaixa Express application 11-click on the option already joined Multicaixa express. 12- enter the same 6-digit code that I create in Multicaixa and confirm again. and there it is ready to use. Good luck!

  3. Hi…

    I can't get a duplicate of the proof of payment for my DStv why?
    It has not been updated, however, the amount has already been withdrawn from my account.🤔

  4. Good morning dear gentlemen,

    I would like to know, the movements of 2 months ago, can be visualized and consequently take the 2nd copy of it?


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