Facebook launches attack on Apple for having new transparency rules


O Facebook decided to launch a strong attack on Apple after it announced a privacy change that, according to the social network, will jeopardize many of the small businesses, as well as kill applications that, until now, have remained free to access.The cause of this discussion is a change that Apple announced during the launch of the iOS 14, but which will not take effect until the beginning of next year. On the one hand, there is the company known for not "connecting too much" with users' privacy (Facebook), on the other, the company that claims to consider privacy a fundamental right of all (Apple).

The company created by Mark Zuckerberg claims that a new update in the Apple app store that aims to bring greater transparency to the data collected may "kill small businesses". The CEO of Apple says that the company is only giving users the power to choose.

The attack on Apple has been made even through the media. The largest group of social networks in the world ran ads in major North American newspapers criticizing Apple's plans, which in practice will limit the ability of applications to gather data from users' smartphones that are then used for personalized advertising content.

In addition, this week a description of each app was available on the App Store with all kinds of data that each application seeks to obtain from discriminated users - in the case of Facebook it is an immense list.

"We believe that it is a simple matter to defend our users. They must know when their data is being collected and shared with other applications and sites - and they must have the option of allowing it or not”, Said Apple in a statement.


  1. In this matter we will have to make a retrospective in the year 2018 when the analytical Kambrige put Zukerberg in the interrogations of justice; the face is a monopoly bogeyman and does not tire of xploat his AI DE BIG DATA. Doing the Digital seminar ...

    I recommend Mark's interrogation summary from the Dw website: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6FMhciumwq8


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