Facebook launches live audio rooms


Facebook this Monday launched its own live audio rooms in style Clubhouse and a way to find and play podcasts on your platform, thus marking a breakthrough in the world's largest social network audio services.

The launch of a potential rival to the Clubhouse via Facebook follows the explosive success of the invite-only live audio app, which became a hit while people stayed home during the Covid-19 pandemic. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was one of the Silicon Valley celebrities who made appearances in the app, which has recently expanded to users of the Android.

Facebook, which has said it wants to make audio “first-class media” on its platforms, joins Twitter and the messaging platform Discord, which has already launched its own live audio offerings. Spotify debuted its own version, “Greenroom”, last Wednesday. Slack, LinkedIn and Reddit, from Microsoft are also working on similar products.

Public figures and some Facebook groups in the United States who use iOS will be able to create live audio rooms with up to 50 speakers and unlimited listeners. These users can also invite people without a verification seal to speak, Facebook said in a blog. iOS and Android users can hear the rooms.

The company, which has been emphasizing its effort to attract content creators, said it is partnering with public figures including musicians, journalists and athletes in setting up live audio rooms.

Listeners will be able to send Facebook virtual currency “stars” to creators in live audio rooms. Zuckerberg said the company won't have a cut in breeders' revenue until 2023.


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