Facebook launches Messenger version for Windows and MacOS


With a large proportion of people trapped at home, video calls have become more frequent, whether for personal or professional reasons. Facebook took advantage of this reality to make the official launch of Facebook Messenger for macOS and Windows, reproducing the experience and the main features of the application for mobile devices.

The figures released by Facebook are clear: Messenger had more than 100% in the use of audio and video calls by the browser during the last month. Now, Messenger users will have access to the desktop application for their calls, including the much sought after group calls.

Key features

  • Group video calls
  • Multitasking: allows the user to enter and exit the application while doing other things on their computer.
  • Conversations are synchronized across mobile devices and computers.

The app can be downloaded from the app stores for macOS 10.10 and Windows 10.


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