Finally! Google+ profiles earn custom URLs


Google + Custom URL, learn how to get.

Until yesterday, if someone asked for my profile on Google's social network, I would have difficulty responding. In fact I would have to access the computer to find out that my profile was: ( a pretty simple URL, is not it? )

Finally Google realized that this format does not facilitate either the users or the social network itself and decided to proceed with the most logical: Custom URL.

It's no use "running" to Google + and trying to change its URL, Google has decided to go ahead and let users know when the URL is available. What is the order of selection? Do not even ask me. From what I've seen, so far, the rule has been by the date of membership, the older you go, the faster you'll be invited to change URLs.

So if today someone asks for my profile on Google's social network, I'll be happy to respond:

Was it that hard, Google?


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