Find errors in Windows 8.1 and earn 100 one thousand USD!


Microsoft Reward

Everyone knows that old phrase “The bigger the climb, the bigger the fall ...“Apparently Microsoft doesn't care about that and offers a real challenge to users:“ find a security error in Windows 8.1 and earn up to 100 thousand USD ”.

It is a common practice among technology companies, thus managing to correct serious errors in record time. According to Microsoft, whoever can find “new techniques of exploitation"May earn those 100 my USD. On the other hand, anyone who knows how to correct these same threats can receive up to 50 one thousand USD.

If that still isn't economically attractive to you, add the special bonus, which could reach $ 11 for anyone who finds vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 11.

No If these new reward programs start to apply from the 26 day of June, when the Windows 8.1 Preview. Worth a try, is not it ?!

More information can be found in the official page of Microsoft.

[Via]: CNET


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