Find out how much time you've lost on Facebook!


The application was made by Time Magazine team and based on statistics stating that we normally spend about 17 minutes on Facebook daily.

Then the app connects to your account, checks when it's created, the posts you've made, and calculates how much time we've lost to date.

Some people have already lost a life there, find out if it is one of them:

Facebook addicted

  • Click the image above and will be redirected to the Times magazine website.
  • Then click on “Next"
  • If your Facebook account is open, the application will ask you to synchronize data, oil. Otherwise, the application will ask you to login to facebook account.

After a few seconds the calculations will be done so they can see how much time they have lost on Facebook.

Calculation of time lost on Facebook
How much time did I lose on Facebook?

And did you guys waste any more time?


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