Firefox for Android now allows offline viewing



System users Android have another reason for satisfaction, since the browser Firefox Device Android will now allow users to preview pre-loaded content from pages without being connected to the Internet.

How it works?

When a user has previously accessed a site, it is saved to view that page at any other time. The tool is useful when the user needs to view an image or information from a previously open site, this helps those who may be in offline locations.

According to Mozilla, this feature will not be available on all smartphones, making it unique only to devices that are compatible with the tool. Users will be able to test whether the feature is fit for their devices by just activating the "airplane mode" of their phones and trying to access the pages again.

So this should be a good choice for people who are hard to find in Internet-connected areas, we hope that other browsers can get on the same path.

Does Firefox use your smartphone?


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