First Startup Weekend Luanda has a marked date


Another international startups event arrives in Angola. Finally Luanda Startup Weekend has a date marked.

Startup Weekend is a global network of high-impact leaders and entrepreneurs with a mission to inspire, educate and support individuals, teams and communities. 

Do you have an innovative idea and do not know where or where to start? 

Techstars Startup Weekend will allow participants to find a team, validate the idea, create a prototype of the idea and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs over a weekend. 

"The event is a unique experience where entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs work on their ideas. During the three days of the event, participants present their ideas, validate, build the business model, develop a prototype and at the end give a presentation to a jury and a larger audience. "

An important detail: participants can not bring ideas they have previously had.

For those enrolled, what the ticket includes?

  • 4 meals (2 breakfast and 2 lunches) over the weekend  
  • Mentoring
  • Access to a new network of developers, designers and entrepreneurs
  • Internet, snacks and refreshments


Details can be obtained directly from the organization: [email protected]


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