Founder of GoPro guarantees that he will be able to sell a part of the company


In recent times, we have witnessed the merger of large companies into the world of technology, by way of example, we have the Apple that recently acquired Shazam with a value around 400 million USD.

During CES 2018 that is taking place in Las Vegas, Nick Woodman (CEO of GoPro), said that his company is open to a sale, made it very clear that he is not looking for a buyer at the moment.

He also stressed that if there was an opportunity to merge GoPro with a larger parent company, it would help scale up businesses and provide a better return on investment for the company's investors.

This information comes at a time when GoPro shares fell 30% to a record low when GoPro (GPRO) announced it was abandoning the drones business. The company also announced that it will decrease 20% of its employees, including some executives.

Will some companies want to buy a share of GoPro?


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