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A [email protected] Virtual is a portal of e-Learning dedicated to offering distance courses for free, via the Internet. was founded in 2001 by Fundação Bradesco with the proposal of providing a virtual learning environment in which the student is the main agent and driver of his learning. The portal offers courses in several areas of knowledge, where I highlight Database, Application Development, 2010 Office Package, Security, among other areas.

In order to have full access, simply complete your registration by completing the Registration Form, it should be noted that EV won the e-Learning Brasil Award four times, in the “Educacional Star” and “Nacional Referral” categories.

I personally have already taken several courses in EV and I can attest to the quality of this school, which has “strong” partners such as Cisco, MIT and Intel. Each student can enroll in as many courses as he / she wants and at the end there is a performance evaluation test, if the grade exceeds 70% the student is approved and can print his / her Certificate, signed and with an authenticity code.

I took the liberty of making a TOP 10, of the courses of the EV that I recommend, let's go to this:

  1. Excel 2010 (Basic, Middle, and Advanced)
  2. Network Fundamentals
  3. Written Communication
  4. Project Management (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 levels)
  5. Introduction to Digital Photography
  6. HTML (Basic and Advanced)
  7. WebDesign
  8. Java and Windows Mobile Applications
  9. Business accounting
  10. Financial math


As I had already written in the article about online universities, Distance Learning has grown at a very fast pace, try this new way of learning and discover the many advantages. Do not forget to come back here and leave your comment about your experience with e-learning.


  1. Dear Mauro,

    we at eADPro - http://www.eadpro.com.br/ we work with management training at a distance in the competencies of strategy planning and management, project management and process management, in courses supported by specialist tutors with international PMP and CBPP certification.

    joel azevedo

  2. Hello! friends it was worth teaching dsitancia gosh and good more when the signal fails. I hope nothing happens. that the angels are safe until I finish the course was worth a hug.

  3. Good afternoon wishes

    To say that I enjoyed reading what is written on the page and I want to take an online course on it. On the other hand, I want to know if the certificate is free, and if it is not how much it costs

    Thank you

  4. Greetings,
    I cannot access the platform, as I am asked for the zip code, and the zip code of my country (Angola) is not recognized. How do I do?

    • Greetings,
      I cannot access the platform, as I am asked for the zip code, and the zip code of my country (Angola) is not recognized. How do I do?

  5. Good evening, representative of the distance learning online training school I want to be a part of, I cannot register because they require the Cpf which I do not have, as I am a foreigner, that is, I am of Angolan nationality, how do I take the course? Guide me please, I'm distressed.

  6. I'm an Angolan citizen and I have no requirements but I want so much to do training on this site, help me please


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