New Gadget allows users to control Windows 8 with their eyes.


Tobii REX

We started by "controlling" operating systems primarily with the keyboard. Then came the “magical” mouse and the GUI (Graphical User Interface) systems won everyone's sympathy.

There it appeared to Microsoft (and not only) to try to convince us that computers with touch screens were the best option for everyone. O Windows 8 was proof of Microsoft's total investment in this type of system.

But what if someone said that the mouse and touch interface could be left out, would you believe it?

For those who said no, the company Tobii introduced a device that allows you to control Windows 8 with your eyes only.

How it works?

The accessory runs special software called Tobii Gaze, which tracks the exact points that the user is observing on the screen, thus allowing to control actions such as scrolling the screen or even interactions in games and applications.

For those interested in buying this device, called REX, the price is set at 950 USD. Does anyone want to buy one for the Team Less Than test?

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