[Opinion] Gadgets for what do I want?

credits: 21st Century News

In a Facebook post where I was identified they announced vacancies for writers on the site Privacy Policy; among the various requirements, it may have been identified more by writing than by technology expertise. Since, in one and the other, I am an old initiate; in writing inexplicably ... but the technological dynamics, mainly of the ICTs leaves us in a state of permanent ignorance, come with more or less threads.

Via smartphone notification, but I talked to the Blog Editor at chat installed on tabletI wrote the text on PC, I still do not know where to send from, but there are strong chances of being from the mp3 player. Yes… it's the world of gadget's or gizmos, objects or applications of certain utility! Even in an era of time scarcity the demand for information is great; readings of a few characters, music, virtual games, videos, images, make these instruments platforms for multiple informative and entertaining content.

Os Gadgets, gongs in good Portuguese, when not understood as widgets or applications, are objects of worship and status whose attraction is based on consumerism, disguised as a utility spread across the various objects resulting from excellence in the innovation of the next product…

As a result of strong commercial harassment, only the maximum income from a given gadgets, but the challenge is at the level of functionality, which is now repeated in all types of devices; now is exclusive in only one, forcing everyone to have everything. And the headache begins, on the one hand in the special gift device, when feeling the unique experience of given game in portable console, which even photographs; on the other hand in switching the data to another device. All wires, bluetooth, Wi-fi, air-drop, clouds and compatibility applications are few to have them functional together; there is no tech-expertise that safe us if we are not really passionate. Case for reflection: what gadgets do I want you for? In outbursts of a simple user.


Article written by Noble Cawaiafor the LessFios.com


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