Gmail reshapes the message editor


Google's messaging service, Gmail, has managed to “steal” space from the most direct competitors due to the details, the small details.

In addition to the features that can be easily activated in the “Labs”(An option given to users to test innovative features), now Google presents a new concept for its message editor.

According to Google, the new editor is:

  • Fast: Write messages in your inbox.
  • Simple: redesigned with a cleaner and simplified appearance.
  • Powerful: Check emails as you type, minimize drafts for later reading, and even write two messages at once.

Of course, the staff of the MenosFios tested the functionality, can see in the images below.

What did you conclude?

With this option, Google gives its users the ability to run multiple tasks simultaneously, we can see the new messages in the inbox while writing a new message.

On the other hand, it seems to me that there is an attempt to integrate Chat, I mean, hangout, into email. The primary objective is obvious to me ... promote Google +.

Well, what matters is that this new interface is working perfectly. Whoever doesn't want to use it, can always go back to the previous one (until Google imposes it ...)

How to test?

  • Click the button Write,
  • Click on the “new writing experience“, Next to the“ Labels ”button at the top of the message

There, the new editor will appear ...


Other features will soon be available, which will make Gmail even more comprehensive. The following functionalities stand out:

  • Insertion of emoticons and event invitations
  • Print of drafts in the “More” menu
  • Addition of bookmarks to sent messages in the “More” menu
  • Shipping read receipts (for Google Apps users only)
  • Default Responses


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