Google announces integration between Gmail, Chat and Meet to optimize work


A Google announced a significant integration of its e-mail service (Gmail) with features of Google chat, video conferencing (GoogleMeet), Google Room and Google Docs, so that users can navigate between these resources in a simpler way.

Google started where most of us started our day at work: in our inbox. To make it possible to easily participate in video meetings right from the inbox, Google brought Meet to Gmail on the web, Android and iOS - and made it free for everyone.

The union of all these resources takes place more effectively within a tool called Rooms, in which it is possible to add teammates within medium or long term projects. In addition to centralizing conversations, Gmail also unifies all related files and tasks in order to optimize the search for history.

Chat allows you to create rooms that include people outside the company, such as contractors or consultants, so that the group can be not only multifunctional, but also intra-organizational. To make rooms even more useful, chats gained real-time collaboration features like the ability to allow the user to open and co-edit a document with their team without leaving Gmail.

O redesign, present on both mobile devices and computers, will also give users better interoperability within Google solutions. This new integrated experience was designed to help users work more smoothly.

Google has also added new focus and prioritization features, such as the ability to pin the most important rooms to make it easier to find and access, and notices like "Do not disturb" or Out of the office, to indicate when the user needs focus.

The video below highlights some of the news announced:


  1. Google was intimidated by other software such as Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams and etc., during this COVID - 19 campaign, where many PC users, among others, had to find ways to stay in contact with customers, patients, managers and etc .
    Google has had these apps available for a long time, lacking vision and creativity in the integrity and functioning of the apps in question for yesterday.
    My question is, how are users who use Microsoft Outlook as their main gear for accessing gmail, for example?


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