Google Assistant already speaks Portuguese


Surely many users were waiting for the opportunity to use the virtual assistant , but perhaps due to lack of Portuguese language in Google Assistant, many have given up having it.

The wizard basically works as the Google Now: just say "Ok, Google" and the software calls, ready to hear what you have to say. With it, you can WhatsApp, ask directions from Maps, play music on the Spotify or display images saved in Google Photos, for example.

In addition, the Wizard can understand the context of the conversations with the user. Let's say, for example, that the user clicks on "How many inhabitants does Angola have?". After seeing the answer, you may ask "And when was it discovered?" Without having to quote "Angola" again. The software understands that "it" refers to the subject of the previous question.

Over time, we hope that the Wizard, as well as all Google products, will learn from interaction with users, to provide an ever better, more personalized and complete experience.

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