Google has found a serious flaw in Android that affects Samsung and Huawei phones


Android is a smartphone operating system that has had some flaws in security issues, now Google researchers have discovered a vulnerability not fixed on your own Android operating system that affects the 1 and 2 pixels, Huawei P20, Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 e S9 and other devices,

O bug affecting Android 8, which was discovered and fixed in December of 2017 in earlier versions of the system. However, the fix has apparently not been downloaded to newer versions. The flaw was discovered by the staff of Project Zero Google, and its Threat Analysis Group believes it was used in real-world attacks by Google Israel's NSO. This company has been involved in the past in attacks on human rights activists and politicians.

Google has already infuriated other technology companies by revealing vulnerabilities before they are fixed, but at least it is following its own guidelines. The company said it has notified Android partners and made the patch protocols for Android Common Kernel.


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