Google launches Android 11 with privacy boost


Google released the final stable version of the operating system Android 11, after almost four months of testing. For those who were already in the test program, the big news that this version brings is the presence of a screen recorder built into the operating system.

According to a note signed by Dave Burke, VP Android Engineering, the automatic update started for Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and Realme phones. The other smartphones that support the new system will have the update released in the coming months.

Google says that this update has been optimized in the way people use their phones - “giving you powerful device controls. And easier ways to manage conversations, privacy settings, and more. ”Here are some of the main features of Android 11:

  • On Android 11, conversations in messaging apps will be moved to a dedicated space in the notifications section, making it easier to manage your conversations in one place. It will also be possible to prioritize conversations from important people.
  • Bubbles makes multitasking easier on your device. It is now possible to respond to important conversations without having to switch between applications to do so.
  • Integrated screen recording is available: with this feature, it is possible to capture and share what is happening on the phone, record with the sound of the microphone, the device or both, without the need for any extra applications.
  • With additional Google Play system update modules, even more security and privacy fixes can be sent to the phone from the platform, in the same way that apps are updated. Therefore, the user will receive these corrections as soon as they are available, without having to wait for a complete update of the operating system.
  • For Android Enterprise users, Android 11 brings the same privacy from a personal device to that of the company. The work profile offers the IT department tools to manage a phone without monitoring your personal data or usage activity.

The update is being rolled out gradually and should reach all compatible devices soon.



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