Google offers tools to build an App for sleep monitoring


The quality of a person's sleep can greatly influence their health in all aspects, and for what is recommended, the person should have at least 8 hours of sleep, but we are not always able to control it, but today and, day, technology has been helping in this regard with applications, smartwatches e smartphones that help to monitor sleep.

Sleep monitoring on the Android system seems to be a bit behind Apple, and it seems that Google has decided to speed up the process a bit, making its Sleep API low consumption publicly available to developers.

Henceforth, developers can now (theoretically) use the toolkit to update existing services and create new Android apps that offer more data, while preserving your phone's battery life. With the API in use, you will be able to see a regular “sleep confidence” report every 10 minutes and a wider sleep segment report after awakening detection.

Considering that the various sensor signals used by activity tracking applications can wreak havoc on your phone's battery, Google says the Sleep API centralizes the sleep detection process to increase performance. The software results from collaboration with the application Sleep as Android , which also offers features like smart scoring and sonar to track your sleep from a distance.


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