Google Photos adds option to reduce space occupied by photos


On June 1 (Tuesday) Google will make changes to one of the products that many people use (even without realizing it), the Google Photos will no longer offer unlimited storage for everyone.

To avoid embarrassment, Google will add some features to the photo library. The most striking novelty is the way Storage Saver (storage economy, in free translation), whose purpose is to reduce the space used to store photos and videos. As a consequence, photos with very high resolution will be compressed. The good news is that the current photos will not be affected.

What if you want to keep the original quality?

If you have very important photos and you need to keep the resolution, you can choose if you prefer to keep the system to save space or if you want to backup at the same resolution and original quality.

With the help of artificial intelligence, the application will suggest deleting blurry photos, repeated images, screenshots or videos that are too large.

Google has warned since the beginning that all files uploaded in the last few years, even if they are high definition images, will not count towards the storage limit.

According to estimates, more than 80% of users should be able to upload files in high quality for another three years before using the 15 GB of space. For those who want to increase to 100 GB, they will have to pay 1,99 USD per month.


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