Google may start charging for search

Google is considering the possibility of including the search engine's premium features in a paid subscription.


This is what the Financial Times writes based on sources. The features could be included in Google's One AI Premium subscription, which previously brought Gemini to Gmail and Docs. Gemini, for example, helps you prepare dinner invitations or travel itineraries. However, the exact premium features for the search engine are not clearly mentioned in the Financial Times article.

If the search engine gains paid capabilities, it will be the first time that Google's main component will not be completely free to access. However, traditional search will continue to be free as Google will continue to serve ads. Even paying users will continue to see ads.

Engineers are currently working on developing premium features. The final decision by Google's management on the implementation of this plan has not yet been made. If implemented in One AI Premium, the plan will become part of the monthly subscription of 21,99 euros.

Since the appearance of ChatGPT, Google has been experimenting with new AI capabilities in its search engine, such as a detailed response plan with links to more information. However, due to the high cost of additional computing resources, the technology giant has been reluctant to make these features available. Subscribing to premium features would be a solution for Google to cover costs.


  1. Google cannot charge for searches as there are a large number of people who will not be able to pay


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