Ministry of health announces application for online consultations


The Ministry of Health will make available, as of May 5 of the current year, a digital application for making consultations in the online format, which aims to reduce the cluster of patients in hospitals, as well as family members who accompany them, at the level of hospitals. from the province of Luanda.

According to Gervásio Pucuta, director of the Ethics and Humanization Office of the Ministry of Health, the launch of the digital platform for hospital and extra-hospital humanization will reduce floods in the capital's hospitals, initially, as well as in other provinces.

Gervásio Pucuta recalled that, in this system, the community will be able to avoid trips to the reference hospitals, being able to make appointments via a smartphone. "The teams are working to implement the application in other provinces".

The official highlighted the lack of basic sanitation, as well as piped water, as obstacles, but guaranteed that, with the launch of the digital platform for hospital and extra-hospital humanization, the agglomeration of patients in hospitals, at the level of Luanda province, where consultations may be in the online format, the days are numbered.

It is worth remembering that, in 2019, through the portal SEPE which provides information and electronic public services, the government will implement the possibility of scheduling appointments at the Pediatric Hospital David Bernardino.

When accessing the portal the user will have access to the main page to access the other services available on it, but for the particular case of scheduling appointments, they must click on the upper right corner where “Scheduling".


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