How many emails can we send daily in gmail?



Uses the free e-mail service from Google… Do you know how many emails you can send during the day?

Yes, a normal person will come to your place of work, open your computer and have time to respond to some emails, but there are those who need to send emails constantly, for example, who has an online business.

So, is there a limit?

There are several rules to avoid abusive use of email, but among the most important are:

  • Sending daily emails limited to 500 containers. That is, we can send at most 10 emails to 50 people (the maximum number of addresses allowed in a message)
  • If you are using Gmail via POP or IMAP clients, such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail, you can send an email message to a maximum of 100 people at the same time.
  • If you're auto-forwarding messages, Google limits your users to 100 emails per day, even to prevent too much spam within your network.
  • Another important rule related to sending emails on Google is that if we send a message to many wrong addresses, our account is temporarily blocked. Before clicking on the “send” button, check if the accounts are correct or Google will assume that you are more of a spammer.

If you do not follow the rules above, your email account will be blocked temporarily. Anyone who wants to send more mail can always opt for a paid solution like Google Apps.

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