Huawei brings together higher education students in Angola for the Talent and Innovation summit


Huawei and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation held Friday, November 27, jointly the Talent and Technology Innovation Summit 2020. The event aims to promote greater importance and participation in talent development and to convey Huawei's investment and strategy in talent creation.

The Conference was attended by the Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Maria do Rosário Bragança, the Secretary of State for Communications, Information Technologies and Social Communications, Eng. Mário Oliveira, and the Secretary of State for Public Administration , Work and Social Security Dr. António Francisco Afonso, The Global Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd - Mr. Hou Tao and the CEO of Huawei Angola - Mr. Edric Chu (Chu Xiaoxin), participated and made speeches. A total of 130 people from ministries, universities, operators and related companies, teachers and students were invited to the event.

During her presentation, the Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria do Rosário Bragança, made it known that “this is one of the main activities since the signing of the memorandum of understanding with Huawei”.

“We trust Huawei to provide the skills and support needed for talent development in Angola. By 2022, we will train more than 40 PhDs to support the development of high-tech companies like Huawei ”, reinforced the minister.

In his turn, the Secretary of State for Telecommunications, Information Technology, Mário Oliveira said that “the development of talents is fundamental for the development of nations and countries”. “Huawei is a partner that we can count on. Huawei is always ready to help and surprise us in terms of cutting-edge technologies and responsible social activities. At the Seeds for the Future 2020 event, I also saw Huawei's commitment to the development and determination of talents ”, exemplified the person in charge.

In the same vein, the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Labor and Social Security, António Francisco Afonso, stressed that talent development requires the collaboration of several parties, which is why we work closely with Huawei. “Huawei is the most important ICT company in Angola and has done an excellent job in discovering and building a better ecosystem for talent in Angola. We will continue to work with Huawei to provide training for more Angolan talents based on various Huawei ICT academies, such as CINFOTEC”, Revealed the leader.

As for the Global Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd, Mr. Hou Tao, he stressed that talent is the driving force behind the development of ICT, so for the past 30 years, Huawei has made a lot of efforts in developing ICT talent developed global ICT talent certification standards, implemented the Seeds for the Future program and built an ICT talent development platform and ecosystem. “Although the external environment in 2020 is changing and challenging, we still achieved 9,9% growth from the first to the third quarter. I would like to thank Angolan customers for their support. I hope this activity helps to promote the cultivation of talent and innovation in Angola ”, he observed.

Huawei Angola's CEO - Mr. Edric Chu (Chu Xiaoxin) has assumed that Huawei Angola is committed to serving customers, increasing local investment and creating value for society.

“We believe that talent development is essential. At TECH4ALL's initiative, we will strengthen cooperation with local universities in areas such as Huawei ICT Certification, Huawei ICT Academy, Huawei ICT Competition and Huawei ICT Job Fair to accelerate the development of ICT talent and technological innovation in Angola ”, concludes the leader of company in Angola.


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