Huawei launches its first line of Smart TVs


A Huawei officially unveiled its first smart televisions, the Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro, which represent not only the entry into a new market but also the opportunity to integrate for the first time its new operating system, the Harmony OS.

Honor Vision TV uses Huawei's proprietary Honghu 818 processor, which has eight cores and is used to process images that will be sent to the screen. It comes with an 55 inch screen and 4K resolution, including the ability to be used as an Internet of Things (IoT) hub for a connected home.

The idea is that Honor Vision is not just used as a regular TV, but as a complete media and interactivity station that connects to every available smart device - not just smartphones and tablets, but also personal computers, assistants. virtual speakers and speakers.

Honor Vision Pro, which has an adjustable pop-up camera with 1080p resolution and 30fps frame rate and six far-field microphones, ideal for video calling. It even features six 10W speakers, compared to just four of the standard model.

For now these two televisions are planned for the Chinese market only, where they will cost the equivalent of $ 535 on Honor Vision and $ 674 on Honor Vision Pro. Huawei.


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