Huawei plans to launch affordable 5G devices for African customers


A Huawei Technologies intends to present in the coming months a mobile device compatible with 5G technology at affordable prices for its African customers.

The information was advanced by Xiao- Chinese company executive who spoke during a virtual event, Huawei Galilea Exhibition Hall for selected journalists from Africa. Cia Xiao, who did not give details on the specifications of the next 5G smartphone, except to say that it will be very affordable, noted that Huawei will work with industrial partners and governments across the African continent to advocate that smartphone taxes be drastically reduced. with a view to enabling new devices to become accessible to consumers.Xiao further advanced that, as 5G technology on the continent is limited, Huawei is asking African governments to consider deploying 5G infrastructure in their respective countries to allow easy accessibility. She said that while the new devices are made to work with 5G technology, they can also operate successfully on 4G and 3G technologies.

"We are completely transparent and we have not found a back door in our equipment". Xiao further explained that all Huawei technologies and equipment, including its current 5G technology, meet World Health Organization (WHO) electromagnetic interference standards, which ensures that electronic devices are safe for end users.

The new portable devices will be sold at USD 150 to allow customers to enjoy the benefits that 5G technology presents. "As long as our equipment has an access license for integration with other networks, we guarantee that it is safe," said the Executive.

The operations of Huawei technologies with respect to their development and 5G deployment have come under serious attack in recent months by the governments of the United States of America, Great Britain and some members of the European Union (EU), raising all sorts of unfounded charges against China. , but Ms. Xiao claims that Huawei is one of the most scrutinized technology companies in the world and takes cybersecurity and privacy issues seriously.


  1. Xiao says Huawei is one of the most scrutinized technology companies in the world and takes cybersecurity and privacy issues seriously.
    and as for human health what are the consequences of using it? Does Sarcov2 not have to do with 5 g?

    • So far it has not been confirmed that Sarcov2 was caused by 5G technology. So these are just conspiracy theories.


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