Huawei presents solution that saves energy and increases efficiency on telecommunications sites


The cost of telecommunications in Angola is a hotly debated topic. Operators point operating costs to the prices charged, considered high by many users. Alternative solutions are sought. Huawei presented a solution that could

The opportunities to use telecommunications sites as energy resources are becoming particularly attractive in countries with unstable network conditions. The new eMIMO platform (energy Multiple Input Multiple Output) from Huawei aims to meet these needs, while saving operating costs and increasing efficiency.

It's time to rethink energy

“We cannot treat energy in the same way, as we have been doing for the past 15 years and expect better containment of it. We need to rethink and change the approach of just supplying and installing, and start innovating, designing, implementing and measuring containment ”, defended the Distributed Power Africa Group CEO, Norman Moyo, duaCEO of the Distributed Power Africa Group, recently during the AfricaCom event 2020.

Intelligent power infrastructure

As networks evolve and new sites are established, digital site management is becoming a global trend, especially in Africa, where significant cost savings are possible.

The integrated operations support system (OSS) eMIMO helps to improve network visibility and can help identify energy efficiencies everywhere, from the component to the site level - thus helping to make the most of the investment the same.

Second, remote operations and maintenance help to reduce costs even further, with less need for site visits and greater availability of power, which is the most important factor for any reliable network.

Integrated AI solutions

The site's power system consists of a rectifier, controller, battery, diesel generator and monitoring systems, which are traditionally obtained from different suppliers. Huawei's new integrated AI-based solution provides all components for cost containment and guaranteed compatibility.

Sites that use third-party systems without an OSS risk communication failures between systems, inefficient operations and low return on equipment investment.

An integrated, AI-based solution with mutual collaboration can help achieve a green, smart and streamlined power grid.

Benefits of eMIMO

1. The charging current of the battery can be adjusted automatically based on the ambient temperature and site charge.

2. The DG load rate can be kept at the most efficient rate, which can reduce fuel consumption by 45% during the hybrid cycle process.

3. When implementing solar AI, the DG's execution time can be further reduced, reducing fuel costs by more than 12%.

4. iGrid solutions can extend battery life by up to 5% through intelligent programming.

5. An integrated OSS can guarantee the efficient management of all energy equipment.

Consolidating sites into one solution also makes it easier to measure total costs and return on investment.

From telecommunications site to social site

With social sites, the energy system becomes not only cost containment, but also a solution for generating revenue. EMIMO can provide stable power for equipment that supports everything from smart cities to campuses, residential areas, commercial ATMs and gas stations, with monitoring.

The system brings reliable and affordable energy to homes or businesses that were previously off the grid, without the need to invest in their own backup generators or other equipment. The solution provides reliable and convenient power, as well as affordable telecommunications website rental rates can be negotiated.

Lower operating costs for local public and private entities operating cities, traffic and smart campus applications refer to the need to invest in a completely new power supply system. In addition, the site can generate increased revenue through infrastructure and energy sharing.

The opportunities and benefits of the new system are significant and site operators would do well to rethink their energy approach when establishing new sites. Huawei's new eMIMO platform increases energy availability and efficiency and will prove its value through continuous insights and value measurement.

We will build a green world together.


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