Imogestin's application portal among the most visited by Angolans


Currently, many Angolan companies have understood the need to have a website, either to provide clarifications to users as well as to facilitate job application processes and beyond.

During the last week of January, Imogestin opened applications for houses in Zango 5, which according to some sources, application portal Imogestin received 17.000 applications in the first 11 hours, and now counts more than 115.000 registered candidates.

How does Imogestin's website appear as the most visited by Angolans?

I believe that several factors must be involved, and according to a publication made by Dorivo Caetano via Linkedin the truth behind this passing success is as follows:

  1. Social questions: The country faces a housing shortage that is unable to meet the needs of the population, who are mostly young. And it is this young population that has the greatest domain of the Internet, the means by which the application is made;
  2. Technical issues: Because it is an unstable site, it can take bad words and test patience, it forces users to do refresh/ update regularly and stay on the site for a long time, a factor taken into account in the audience analysis;

It is quite possible that the Imogestin application portal may rise in this classification, since applications will be closed until February 05, 2020, and this deadline may dictate this change.



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