The importance of ICTs in the diversification of the national economy


Angola, in the ambit of the diversification of the economy demonstrates a
unsatisfactory economic situation due to its inability to provide solutions to its main problems: social inequality, poor training of its workforce and loss of competitiveness in the international market.

In order to become a diversified knowledge and learning economy, many countries, especially developing countries, seek to expand and diffuse access to ICTs in order to benefit from knowledge

Two factors are important as regards the importance of ICTs in the diversification of the national economy:

  1. New technologies can be acquired through trade with more advanced countries and possessing the desired technologies.
  2. ICTs can contribute to a more efficient integration of world markets, that is, they help countries better to reallocate their production and industrial services to world demands. This is because ICTs promote a more efficient introduction of digitized services, ensuring a rapid dissemination of information.

ICTs are a more representative phenomenon of this new era of economics and, in particular, of modern society in general. Through it passes a huge portion of the knowledge produced and assimilated in the world.

ICTs unite the new learning concepts in an exemplary way, either because of the need to face an increasing volume of information that needs to be filtered, or because of the demands for efficiency and increased productivity demanded by the new economic organizations found on the world market and extremely complex.

In short, the importance of ICTs in the diversification of the national economy can be characterized by the rapid change driven by innovation and technological change in which the world is registering, in which the old skills become obsolete and increasingly accentuated. In this context, diversification is a process of building new skills that enable a better adaptation with the latest ICT tools.


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