INAAREES already allows homologation of diplomas without leaving home



O National Institute of Evaluation, Accreditation and Recognition of Higher Education Studies (INAAREES) in recent years received many complaints in the procedures used for the approval of higher education diplomas, either for students who carried out their studies within the national territory, as well as those who they did so outside Angola.

In order to solve this problem of floods and not only, from now on, INAAREES will no longer provide face-to-face service to users at its facilities, except in situations resulting from prior scheduling. The INAAREES statement emphasizes that requests for approval and recognition of higher education studies are made only online, via Government Electronic Public Services (SEPE).

To access the online services of the technological platform, applicants must do so through the SEPE Portal ( and follow all instructions, namely perform authentication on the SEPE Portal with the registration of the email and password, submit to login and choose the desired service in the "Menu" and move on.

According to the information posted, the approval and recognition processes for studies that were submitted to INAAREES, before July 17, 2020, will also be dealt with in the technological platform, so the holders of such processes must wait for the notification from INAAREES without needing to travel or comply with any additional procedure.

INAAREES will only respond in person to candidates who previously scheduled, by telephone, as long as the matter is justified, to ask for clarification and to present doubts.

The new system, launched on 26 June this year, allows diplomas for higher education students in Angola and beyond, to be approved and recognized between 24 hours and 10 days by INAAREES.


  1. It is difficult to carry out this process, even after signing up for SEPE. Please give me an instruction.

    • Good afternoon! I have tried several times to register in order to approve my certificate and the answer I receive and that the data is wrong. I have already contacted my university numerous times and they have guaranteed that they have sent the file long and correctly and, according to them, the problem is on the part of INAARES. I need some clarification, please!

  2. My certificate and diploma has been on your premises since 07-08-2019, so far, I have made many complaints but to no avail, I have already registered with Sepe, but I can't make the complaint, I honestly don't know what to do

  3. My document has been there since 2019 but they sent me an SMS saying it has already left. What do I do to get up knowing that I live in Uige Province and traveling is difficult?

  4. My document has been there since 2018 so I don't have the statement in my possession. According to the workers they say that I don't leave yet

    Why all this time?

  5. Friends, the certificate approval system is really difficult. There are people who want to get jobs or enrollment at the next levels of education and nothing. What should Angolans do anyway?

  6. Good evening, I intend to re-register to the sepe for the purpose of certifying the diploma and certificate, I am finding a stalemate, when entering my personal data all the time they are sending me a red notice saying that my tax number already exists, in this case what do i do?

  7. Dear, very good afternoon.

    I hereby request some information regarding my request for recognition of studies made in the country at UAN, according to the copy of the receipt attached.

    It is worth mentioning that since March of this year that I requested, I have not yet received any contact from INAAREES, any contact via e-mail or msm within the past 90 working days as originally planned.

    I await some information.

  8. Good afternoon, I hereby request some information regarding my request for recognition of studies made in the country at UAN, according to the copy of the attached receipt.

    It is worth mentioning that since 2018 that I requested, I have not yet received any contact from INAAREES, any contact via email or msm within the past 90 business days as originally planned.

  9. Comment: I have already sent my documents many times to inaress' e-mail but I am not receiving a reply anymore via the receipt or what equivalence do I do? help me I can't live with my brothers we have no father and mother please help

  10. Good night !
    My document has been there since 16/03/2020 so I don't have the statement in my possession. The combination was 90 days,
    Why all this time?

  11. Good afternoon!
    I cannot make the payment, since all the academic data is already in the system.
    But payment is made with the multi-card and the receipt must be presented.
    But there are no instructions on how to do this process.
    I would be grateful if someone would give me the instructions please

  12. For me, the current situation in Angola, the Recognition of a certificate should preferably be in person. I prefer to hold on to the queue than to wait unsuccessfully on the Internet.

  13. Good afternoon, dear friends, it seems to me that there is a clear intention to harm citizens who request recognition of their studies. It is not possible that the time it takes for a higher education to be able to be the same for its recognition. Dispatch the process, you have no idea how much inconvenience you are causing to citizens. I need to update my data on the service, but due to the delay in recognizing my Certificate by INNARES I cannot. My contact 923971062/915767608 email [email protected]

  14. Anyone who has already received the recognized document, please pass on the testimony! This service is in the public interest and should be taken seriously!

  15. good afternoon.
    I registered with SEPE and I can't do it right in
    intend to recognize the documents in INAREES help

  16. When this platform was created, it was with the aim of solving the difficulties that students suffered with the delay in the approval of documents. But it seems that things just tend to get worse. It is very difficult!
    The Institutions send the list of students to INARRES, but it does not update the data to the SITE: therefore there is information that there is no course associated with the Tax Identification number. Courage brothers !!!!

  17. Good afternoon
    I would like to know where is the standing of the approval of the Diplomas of students who studied in the semi-presencial regime, since the In-person Decree was published more than a year ago.

  18. Well, I received the reference on 21/07/2021, I'm trying to make the payment, it's not working


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