INACOM says operators' voice and data signals satisfy users in Luanda


The Angolan Communications Institute (INACOM), launched this month, its 1st edition of the quality study of operators' voice and data services Unitel e Movicel, specifically in Baixa de Luanda, Kilamba Centrality, Viana Municipality and Talatona.Baixa de Luanda

  • In this area of ​​the capital city, for example, the two mobile networks use 2G technology for voice service and do so with coverage quality estimated at 99,6 percent for Unitel and 97,1 for Movicel.
  • At this point in Luanda, the data service, supported by 3G technology, has signal coverage estimated at 98,9 and 99,8 percent for both mobile networks.
  • For the data service “FTP Downlink Throughput”, the speed table published in the Inacom study shows slow coverage, both for one and the other, fixed at 90,3 and 92,8 percent, respectively.

Kilamba centrality

  • The measurement of the level of signal reception was also carried out at Kilamba Centrality, where the study estimated the quality of the used 98,6G voice service provided by Unitel at 2 percent. Movicel, in turn, was found to have 99,4 percent coverage. The numbers very close to the absolute indicate that in Kilamba there are few areas with difficult coverage.
  • As for the data signal (Internet), Kilamba Centrality, served with 3G technology, recorded a coverage of 96,4 percent for Unitel and 100 percent for Movicel, according to the data obtained from the service's monitoring.
  • However, even in Kilamba, data services using “FTP Downlink Throughput” technology are still slow, for the Unitel (82,2 percent) and Movicel (66,7 percent) networks.

Municipality of Viana

  • The INACOM survey also evaluated the municipality of Viana. In this, the conclusion was that the operator Unitel, in the services of voice (2G) and data (FTP Downlink Throughput) covers with quality at rates of 97,6 and 89,3 percent, with the second representing the slow rate with which the service is made available.
  • Movicel, in turn, still in Viana, operates on the 2G voice service with a rate of 90,4 percent. The data network "FTP Downlink Throughput", considered slow, reserves a rate of 89,9 percent, according to what was surveyed in most of the monitored route.

In the conclusions presented, through tables in the 1st edition of the study evaluating the quality of mobile telephone services, it is mentioned that in Talatona, Urban District of the municipality of Belas, in the province of Luanda, voice and data coverage, in technologies 2 and 3G, have rates of 97,3 and 99,3 percent, for Unitel, and 95,1 and 91,4 percent, for Movicel.

The speed of data access via the “FTP Downlink Throughput” service is also slow, reserving rates of 58 percent for Unitel and 68,5 percent for Movicel. These indicators reveal the existence of continuous challenges for operators, especially with regard to improving their services.

With the study, which should have regular publications, the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication, which supervises the Angolan Institute of Communications (INACOM), intends to make available to the market and investors in these and other segments updated information, essential for decision making.

We look forward to the next measurements that will certainly include other locations in the country ...


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