INACOM warns of changes in ZAP prices


It has recently emerged that ZAP will update its prices. The company claims that it does not intend to raise prices, but rather to update them in view of the depreciation of Kwanza, which is vital for the company's sustainability.

But it seems that now we have a new chapter regarding this update of ZAP prices, since, the Angolan Institute of Communications (INACOM) declared Wednesday (30 January 2019), that the price increase of four packages from the distributor satellite television channels (ZAP), to materialize as of February 26, “constituted a violation of the Law”.

The company unilaterally announced that it will change the prices of the Mini, Max, Plus and Premium packages on 26 February, a decision that INACOM rejects, and claims, “it is not within its competence to set prices of this type services". By the way, INACOM also affirms, in a press release, that it received “with a lot of surprise” the information circulated by ZAP, regarding the unilateral decision to update the prices of services practiced by the operator.

It should be remembered that the change in the prices of the provision of electronic communications services is governed by its own legal regime, enshrined in the Electronic Communications Law (LCE), the General Regulations for Electronic Communications (RGCE) and the Price Regulation Communications (RPSC).

According to INACOM, it is the responsibility of the Electronic Communications Authority to propose the prices of basic services, after consulting the Electronic Communications Services Price Committee (CPCE), as well as the competent entities of the Angolan State, and ideal for such prices.

In the meantime, INACOM informs that a dialogue is taking place with all interested parties, as well as the preparation of studies to evaluate the costs of the operators of the Pay-TV services and the impact that the changes registered in recent years in the national macroeconomic scenario , have on the sustainability of the Operators of Subscription Television Services.


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