Instagram now allows you to share photos directly in WhatsApp


O Instagram guidance on Android has won an update that allows users to share photos and videos from their page directly to the WhatsApp.

The images can be automatically shared both in groups and in private conversations on WhatsApp. Before, to send a photo to a friend in the messaging application, users had two options: make a print of the photo or copy the link to the publication.

The new feature, which shares Instagram photos for WhatsApp, arrives first for users of Android smartphones, but in practice all operating systems will rely on a stable version that will be released soon to others.

To have access to functionality, the user has to click on the three dots in the upper right corner of a photo on Instagram, as long as it has no audience restriction. Then, just select the option “share on WhatsApp“. The application will then open to allow you to choose which contacts or groups to send the content to.


The new feature is already available in the latest version of Instagram for Android and should arrive soon for other versions of smartphones. Remember that photo sharing can also be done by Messenger.

[Via]: Digital Look


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