Instagram now shows when user was online last time

O Instagram now will show when the user was last online, the function did not arrive for all last month, but now, apparently, more people are receiving the news.

The resource shows the user's activity in the option of private messages (direct), classified as “active now","active yesterday","online for x hours ago", among others. However, you can only see your friend's status if you've already exchanged messages with them.

Only people you follow or have talked to on Instagram will be able to see when you have accessed it.

Instagram may be testing this new feature with some users, the function was found in both smartphones with Android system and iPhones. If you want to maintain your privacy on Instagram, you can disable the access display feature.

To disable the feature, in your account settings, scroll down until you find the option “Show activity status“. Simply disable the selector switch to disable the feature. Now, just like WhatsApp, with the function disabled, your friends cannot see your status, but you can't see theirs either.


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