Instagram will no longer prioritize the number of followers to verify accounts


O Instagram will no longer prioritize the number of followers in the account verification process. Although this number never mattered in the definition of who is verified or not in the social network, it helped in the automated part of the process, which selected the next profile to have the application analyzed.

“An account must meet certain criteria before we can verify it, including a degree of notoriety. We mediate notoriety through press articles that want to be verified. Now we’ve expanded our list of press sources we’ve considered in the process to include more of the Black community, LGBTQ+ and Latina ”, said the head of the Instagram, adam Mosseri.

The Instagram verification seal is one of the most coveted of social networks. That blue symbol next to the user's name in the main profile gives more credibility and, in addition, makes the profile appear at the top of the search results - the platform's algorithm understands that that account is “priority”.

The announced modification is part of a package of changes to combat inequality within the application. The aim is to make the process as transparent and fair as possible, reducing the weight of the number of followers during the evaluation to bring the seal and relevance to new audiences.

With more than XNUMX billion monthly active users, in addition to redesigning how the company assigns the verified badge, Mosseri also added that the Instagram is looking for someone to lead the company's new Diversity and Inclusion department.


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