Internet shut down in Sudan during protests


At present it is becoming "fashionable" for African countries to shut down the Internet during the protests, and now Sudan has had the same problem, as a result of the manifestation of citizens who want a democratic state, as opposed to the army that dominates the country.

According to reports from the Sudanese capital, the last remaining Internet connections are being switched off. This attempt to shut down the Internet is reported to have begun on Monday, 10 June of 2019.

This happened at a time when pro-democracy protesters were killed and raped by Sudanese troops during a protest.

A Internet shutdown in Sudan is rapidly moving towards full and complete shutdown, as on Wednesday more telecom companies were forced to cut off Internet access. The country's military confirmed earlier in the week that they were responsible for the Internet shutdown in Sudan.

As such, people in Sudan are struggling to keep themselves informed about emergencies and where they can get assistance, as well as being unable to maintain contact with their friends and family during a very difficult time in Sudan.