Investigation into the alleged multi-card card cloning network is underway


In recent years, there have been several complaints and denunciations by Angolans complaining that their multi-card cards have been cloned, many without evidence have ended up confirming such facts, where even the National Bank of Angola admitted cases of multi-card cloning.

Given the growing number of customer complaints about the actions of some bank employees across the country, the police are conducting an operation to improve the scenario.

According to the quartermaster Hermenegildo de Brito (Spokesman of the Luanda Provincial Command of the National Police), he added that, “There are some cases of multi-card cloning in Luanda's Provincial Command, but the exact quantity cannot be described, but it is if some are detained and are investigating. When the investigation is closed, they will pass on the media ”.

The mechanisms that the National Police will use to combat the cloning of multi-card cards have not been advanced, but we hope that the problem can be resolved as soon as possible, as it is becoming a common practice.


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