iOS 14 may change some Apple standards


A Apple is known for its system iOS which offers many restrictions on the use of third-party applications, and the latest rumors suggest that Apple is “thinking” about improving some of these restrictions on iOS 14. This next operating system update may be the ideal opportunity for you to Apple lower the walls a little bit.

Yeah, Apple is thinking about allowing apps like Chrome ou gmail to be set as defaults in iOS 14. It's a relatively small change, but it would have a big impact on app developers that compete with Apple's internal apps. Windows, Android and MacOS, all allow third-party applications to be set as standard, but the iOS remains out of control for more than a decade.

Why the change in iOS 14?

IOS 14 is an ideal time to relax standard application restrictions, just as European and US regulators are eyeing the platform and Apple's overall influence. The EU is preparing to launch an investigation to prevent Apple's monopoly after the Spotify filed a complaint about Apple, claiming it was providing its music service with restrictions on rivals. O Spotify also complained about Apple's requirements that iPhone users buy apps through its App Store which charges developers a 30% commission.

Apple's defense of the Spotify complaint highlighted exactly how difficult it is to compete with the iPhone maker on a platform where Apple sets the rules and can change them on a whim. Developers who wish to avoid Apple's fees for in-app purchases are prohibited from informing customers where and how they can pay outside of App Store.


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