iPhone was the most used smartphone in 2019 to access pornography


Nowadays technology is in the hands of people, few people nowadays stay on desktop or portable computers to access pornography. So the numbers don't lie.

The annual review of website data “Pornhub”Revealed that 76,6% of users consume a obscenity through your phones. This represents a 5% increase compared to 71,6% in 2018.

iPhone It was the most widely used smartphone in 2019 to access pornography available on the Internet. The smartphone line of Apple accounted for 52,8% of smartphone hits to the Pornhub platform, a popular adult content search destination. With that, the apple stole the historical leadership of the Android.

Android kept the lead until 2018, when it had 54,4% of the share against 44,4% of iOS. Other platforms accounted for only 1,2%. The reasons Apple's smartphones have become a majority among visitors to the Pornhub may be linked to offering lower priced models than in the past iPhone XR and iPhone 11.

O Chrome remains the most popular browser for watching porn on both desktop and mobile devices. With 56,2% of all traffic from Desktops, he has a considerable advantage in Edgand, which was in second place with 10,7%. The browser race is much closer on mobile, where Chrome (44,3%) has only a 2,7% advantage over Safari (41,6%).


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