Isabel dos Santos defends a digital revolution in Africa


Isabel dos Santos defended Wednesday in 9 in the European Parliament that one of the great challenges facing Africa "is to know how it will be digital." The businesswoman said that to be competitive we have to use technology and above all we have to educate the population to use this technology.

The businesswoman said that "after the mobile telecommunications revolution, the next revolution in Africa will be the digital revolution. In a short time, there will be more e-commerce sales and transactions than in traditional stores, and the first time many Africans will have a bank account will be in digital banking. "

According to Isabel dos Santos, who participated as a speaker in the "Africa Summit 2019", A summit organized by the European Reformists and Conservatives, a political group of the European Parliament, focuses on technological development in Africa as a response to key issues such as stability and continuity of the legal framework, attracting investment and job creation , which should be taken as a priority so that the continent becomes appealing and able to retain young talent.

He also said that urban planning and agriculture are two other areas where technological challenges are posed. "Public transportation with comfort, security and affordable prices is still an unsolved question in most African cities. It is imperative to apply technology in urban planning and smart African cities to improve quality of life and optimize costs. "

"If we want a competitive agricultural sector in Africa, we will have to focus on state-of-the-art agricultural technology or other technological development that will allow us to optimize costs, be competitive and I believe that for this, it is essential to train governments and populations, to be afraid of these new concepts"Said Isabel dos Santos.