ITA presents its Datacenter in 2017 FILDA


A Internet Technologies Angola (ITA), presented this Thursday (27), at FILDA (the largest international business fair in Angola) its Datacenter, promising reliability, security and support to the national market.

A Datacenter, also known as a data processing center (CPD), is a place where the computer systems of a company or organization are concentrated, such as telecommunication systems or data storage systems, in addition to being guaranteed redundant energy autonomy, thus avoiding loss of information.

In order to follow global trends in the communications market and anticipate the exponential growth of data, as well as the increasing needs of companies at this level, ITA bet on the construction of a new Datacenter, which positions the organization as an important player in the Angolan market.

The ITA Datacenter has an infrastructure that counts:

  • Cloud services - virtual servers, data storage and virtual firewall
  • State-of-the-art racks - 36 APC racks connected to the high-speed network
  • Security and data protection
  • Equipment Lodgings
  • Fiber, wireless and satellite connectivity with national and international redundancy
  • Air conditioning and safe cooling
  • Providing assured energy

According to a Rui Jordão, director general of ITA,"focus all energy on clients and the continuous improvement of service delivery, placing the skills at the service of Angolan companies is the main objective of ITA. In 2016, in spite of the economic situation, the company grew 5% in the invoicing level, we maintained the anticipated investment and the expansion to the provinces, always with the use of cutting-edge technologies

APC racks are state-of-the-art, already prepared with two redundant power inputs, ready to receive customers' servers. ITA bet on the construction of a Datacenter, which positions the organization as an important player in the national market.


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