Kaspersky Provides Tool for Developers to Test Android Apps


A Kaspersky opened access to your Android Automated Testing Framework- the app test tool Android for developers. The tool also called Kaspresso takes advantage of flexible settings and is easy to use.

With Kaspresso, mobile developers can significantly reduce the amount of time required to test applications without the fear of ignoring a bug, thus accelerating the application launch process. The tool has already received positive feedback at two major technology conferences - Mobilization IX and Codemotion Berlin 2019.

It is a big challenge for mobile developers to choose an appropriate automation testing tool that reduces the time to launch an application. Today there are many automated testing frameworks and tools such as Espresso and Appium. However, these frameworks may not solve all Android developer issues such as readability, lack of clarity, logging, and UI testing architecture concerns.

Therefore, the tool provides a simple and convenient way to manage interceptors, which are the entry point for all API requests that tests call. Kaspresso features a rich set of standard interceptors to handle improper testing and improve the registration process.

Kaspresso also offers best practices that Kaspersky mobile developers have acquired after many years of experience. The framework includes architectural recommendations for unifying and standardizing user interface testing.

To download Kaspresso, click this link: https://github.com/KasperskyLab/Kaspresso .


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