KiandaHub hosts event to present Angola's candidacy for the Seedstars Africa Summit


On March 6, the Seedstars team gathered in Luanda several personalities from the digital entrepreneurship ecosystem in Angola.The meeting took place at the KiandaHub facilities and the aim was to officially announce Angola's candidacy to host the Seedstars Africa Summit 2020.

At the beginning of the event, Nadine Lavrado, a member of Seedstars, spoke about the structure of the Seedstars Africa Summit and shortly afterwards he left the “stage” free for Joel Epalanga, founder of KiandaHub, share his knowledge about the ecosystem of digital entrepreneurship in Angola and the advantages that the country will have, if indicated to organize the Seedstars Africa Summit.

The central part of the event was occupied by Claudia Makadristo, regional responsible for Seedstars for Africa, clarified the molds of the event and what criteria are taken into account when choosing the organizing country.

5 countries are in the race to organize this continental event. Angola's candidacy is made and during the month of May, the organization will have the verdict. Until then, Seedstars and KiandaHub are interacting with potential partners for the event.

To share their experience, the organization brought 3 of the 5 winners of the last editions of Seedstars Luanda:

  • Paulo Araujo, from WiFi - 2nd Edition winner
  • Erickson Mvesi, from Tupuca - 3nd Edition winner
  • Emerson Paim, from Kubinga - 4nd Edition winner

Now it is expected that companies in Angola are willing to embrace this project and bring this event to Angola.


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