Get to know 3 sites that show job vacancies in Angola


Working in Angola

You are looking for a employment in Angola? Want more information about writing a curriculum vitae or career guidance? Some sites can be very useful for you. We present here some that are directed to the Angolan market and deserve your visit.

1. Jobartis

Job search tips

A project that has been gaining a lot of prominence in Angola. Targeted at the Angolan market, the Jobartis indicates job openings for all branches. It also has tips for candidates, from topics such as developing a good curriculum to tips to succeed in an interview.

According to the portal itself, two of the (several) reasons for using the Jobartis service are:

The best CVs.
Jobartis' priority number 1 is to keep a database up to date with the best candidates.

Focus on Angola.
Jobartis focuses its efforts on obtaining Angolan candidates, without neglecting foreign candidates of relevance!

Have doubts? Test the service and comment:

2. Toad Job

Sapo Jobs in Angola

This portal project shows the vacancies available in Angola and other Lusophone countries. An interesting feature on this site is also to indicate courses in different areas, organized by the month of beginning.

As with Jobartis, we also find helpful advice to candidates for the interview time and beyond. The official description of the service:

SAPO Jobs is the SAPO job portal and aims to facilitate the job search and offer processes, by bringing companies and candidates together with a view to placing professionals in the labor market quickly and economically.

Make a visit to Sapo Jobs:

3. EmploymentLand

employing and

You can see the purpose of the project by the name: employment + land. It has partnership with several national companies, in the technology area and beyond. EmpleoLand is present in all Lusophone countries. With several tips on how to prepare a good CV and receive the information about new vacancies directly in your email.

According to the official description:

We are one of the pioneering online recruitment platforms (Job board) operating strategically in Portuguese-speaking countries, and guaranteeing a personalized service both in the publication of job offers and in the recruitment of professionals. We invest in the implementation of digital metrics to meet the candidates 'values ​​and companies' needs.

Make a visit to EmpleoLand:


Do you know more sites of this genre? Do not hesitate and suggest in the comments of this article.



  1. Please I need a job I am a technician Medium for two (2) years I have skills with informatics, the spoken and written English language, pedagogy and didactics. ease of adaptation in any work environment
    If anyone has a job opportunity please help me.

  2. HELLO
    Please I need a job I'm a Civil Construction Technician
    I attend the 2nd year of Civil Engineering With courses in: Computer science, spoken and written English, ease of adaptation in any work environment.
    If a job opportunity is available, please help me.
    Thank you

  3. Hi, I'm a RoV technical pilot. 11 years of experience. I'm looking for a new job in the branch. I want to work as a free lancer.

  4. Hello, I need a job, in the customer service aria or secretary ...
    I have completed high school.

    Waiting for your answer ...
    Thanks ..

  5. Hello I need a Job, in the aria of Driver, or Computer Technician, I do the 3rd year of University in the Faculty of Computer Engineering. Utanga

  6. I'm Roberto Joaquim Adriano. i need to work as a driver i have 5 years driving experience.

  7. hello good afternoon, i am adalgisa vunge, i live in angola and i have great interest in working anywhere in the world, with the knowledge that i speak english and written and i have computer knowledge !!! thanks

    contact; 00244923600163
    , whatsaap; 00244923064383

    facebook; Adalgisa Nery Vunge
    email;[email protected]

  8. hello Good afternoon, I'm Bernardo Tomás. I live in Angola, I have great knowledge, and I would like to work anywhere in the world. I work with tools, from Microsoft Excel, and I am also trained in the area of ​​energy and electrical, electronic, plumbing, industrial cold in the repair and maintenance optics
    contact: 24492324436/244923223341
    IMAIL:[email protected]
    Ou [email protected]

  9. Hello good night, I am Miguel Manuel António my training is Operator computer and General accounting, I have skills in working with Word, Excel, Pawer Painte and vast knowledge in Internet Exploration.

    My contact is [email protected] ou [email protected]

    Contact: 996785613

  10. Hello good afternoon, I am Francisco Afonso Muta Quissanga, I am looking for an opportunity in the job market. I would be very grateful if you could help me in this regard. I worked as a manager at Cyber ​​Café MDV for 3 years and 4 months, I worked as an Interprovincial Merchant for 6 months. I worked as a Computer Teacher on my own. Give me an opportunity please.

  11. Hello good night, my name is Yanessa Fabião I am graduated in Brazil RJ at the University Estácio de Sá in the course of Oil and Gas Engineering for 2 years now living in Angola luanda I am willing to work anywhere in the world in my area of ​​training or in another area.
    I am a conscious person, able to work in groups or individually in an organized manner. I am looking for professional opportunities, which I will develop dynamism, responsibility and confidence.

    My contact 244924757285
    e-mail [email protected]

  12. Good morning, Pedro António Kutondama is my name, I'm looking for a job.
    I have the following training: Informatics from the user's perspective, Education, Accounting.
    Experiences: I have worked as a Professor of L. Portuguesa, EMC and Informática for nine years; I worked as a trainer in Informatics and Pedagogy for five years; I worked as a CCTV Operator for a year and seven months.
    Contacts: 927083501/997248929 E-mail: [email protected].
    Alternatives: 939047474/939353588

  13. Hello, I'm Cecilia Cahango, I have a degree in work psychology, I'm looking for opportunities in the job market. I have the following training courses: human resources, customer service, information technology, pedagogy and secretariat. Experiences: I worked as a cashier for 6 months, a cash supervisor for 2 years and as treasurer for 3 years at Supermecado Intermarket.

  14. Guedes Domingos Quiala Hello, I'm Guedes Quiala, (2) year of the jean piaget university in Angola, course in economics management, I am looking for opportunities in the job market. I have the following training: computerized accounting course, IT, banking, general accounting, driving license. Experience: I worked as a sales assistant at cimangola for 4 years, store manager for 6 years, general accounting trainer for 6 months

  15. Me António Júnior, a 31-year-old single, born on April 18, 1989, son of Sebastião Paulo and Júlia António, born in Soyo, Province of Zaíre, bearer of ID nº 003889380ZE030, Issued by the Luanda Civil Identification File on July 26, 2019, resident in the Municipality of Soyo, Bairro Mpungo Zaíre Province, 5th year student of the Law course at Instituto Superior Politécnico Lusíada de Cabinda.
    It comes very respectfully to request Your Excellency, if you should authorize being part of your Company, as a legal advisor, that is, in carrying out activities related to legal advice. As well as this, in other support services necessary for an intern in order to improve or enhance scientific knowledge in a practical and concrete way in the area of ​​Law.
    Only what is presented is a renewed protest of consideration and respect.
    CONT 244921624633

  16. Good morning, Cláudio Mateus Bunga, needing a job vacancy, Bachelor of Science in Education, General Piscology, ISCED / Uíge.
    For all purposes, as long as it is legal.

     Basic Computer Technician from the User's perspective;
     Basic Entrepreneurship Course.

  17. Hello, I’m Marta Kassapi, I’m looking for a job, I have an Advanced Course in Excel and Human Resource Management.

  18. Helio Caetano and my name I am a graduate in accounting and management, currently I am a university student, in the management course, I have 10 years' experience in the area of ​​customs clearance, import and export of goods. looking for a job in this area

  19. looking for a job vacancy.

    Hello good afternoon, I only Jacinto André Matamba, I live in Angola and I am interested in working in any aria, I am currently a university student in the 1 year experience accounting course.



    [email protected]

    Facebook-Gelson Mars Matamba

  20. Hello only celso Issanzo I need a job just as a computer machine operator but I am available to work in any area

  21. hello, I need to make a career in industrial electricity. I am a superior electicity technician.

  22. I am a crew member of a small tug in the Petroleum industry, as a recreational speedboat as the International Pilot Certificate, as a specialist in supplying Jet-Fuel in Aircraft, Helicopter, I know how to distinguish when there is water in the Jet, and I have much more…

  23. Good morning, illustrious !!
    Eli Ângelo is my name, I am graduated in the area of ​​Designer Draftsman, Applied Informatics, Technician for Streamers and I qualify for a Light Professional driving license.

  24. Good evening, I'm Marinela de Fátima and I'm doing my 3rd year at the Catholic University, at the law school and I need a job, if it's in the legal area I'd appreciate it.

  25. Greetings dear,
    I come here looking for a job and I have extensive experience in the fields of civil construction and electricity.

    Grateful for the attention,
    João Chimonze


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