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Nowadays many young people even after training have difficulties getting a job, what happened to the job market?

In the days that have gone by, the Degree was synonymous with a prosperous job and this still remains in the minds of many professionals, most of them young graduates, and when they arrive in the job market, they are faced with totally different realities. were idealized during training and this makes many of them not even get a job interview.

It is important to understand that the world is dynamic the evolution of the environment has brought significant changes in the way we live and especially in the universe of jobs. Ending a training nowadays does not mean that jobs will be right at our feet as it was, it is necessary to go to the fight, in this article I will show some important ways that will surely help to get a new job, whether for a young person newly trained and experienced professionals.

1 º Networking: is an English word that indicates the ability to establish a network of contacts or a connection with something or someone, this can be done with schoolmates during training or with experienced professionals and that does not mean wedge or nepotism, because today nowadays large companies value professionals appointed by someone, through this network it is very easy to refer someone or be appointed to a vacancy and this increases the chances of getting a job.

2 º LinkedIn: If you are a recent graduate and have been looking for a job and do not have a Linkedin you have been reducing 50% your chances of getting the job, LinkedIn is the largest professional social network in the world similar to Facebook but totally turned to the professional world. Your profile should contain all the information of your CV from academic background, languages, professional experience etc. and large companies including Angolan companies like UNITEL, SONANGOL and many other multinationals advertise their jobs on LinkedIn. Another advantage is to look for HR professionals in Linkedin and connect to them.

3 º Company Sites: Another very important way to go hunting for a job is to visit the website of the company where you want to look for a vacancy. Go to the Jobs, Career, Employment, Jobs, Opportunities, Careers depending on the language of the company website the name of the menu may be different but the above are the most common. This practice helps you to find vacancies that the company has not published in the newspapers and social networks and allows you to send the CV for spontaneous candidacies.

4 º Facebook: Until a certain time Facebook was seen only as a social network to connect with friends, colleagues and family. Nowadays reality is changing and many companies publish job vacancies on Facebook. exist groups Angolans who post vacancies in facebook and to associate to these groups can facilitate to be aware of new vacancies and to be able to compete for them.

5 º Learn a Language: Companies are becoming more globalized speaking a second language is very important to get a job, no matter what their training area a good part of companies in Angola have preference of candidates who have a command of English or French. It is no use to be apathetic to these languages ​​because reality will not change it is up to each professional to adapt to the new reality of the world to remain updated and competitive, it is never late to learn use your time for something useful.

The world is more and more competitive and this makes it more and more difficult to get a job in a country like Angola where there are not yet effective policies to reduce the competitiveness between nationals and experienced foreigners it is important to stay constantly updated to reach the standard professional required by the market, learn everything you have at your fingertips never dislike technology, new cultures and languages, I wish you success in this fight.

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