Do you know how IP certification works on phones and tablets?


From time to time we have seen the big electronics companies announce that their next smartphone is dust resistant and we can "dive" with these gadgets in our pocket.

The protection /IP certification (Ingress Protection) is an international standard for measuring electronic resistance levels (phones, tablets) to dust and water. The first digit indicated in the IP code indicates the resistance level of the device against solid objects (including dust), the second digit indicates the level of water resistance.

To obtain such a code, the phone must pass independent certificates:

First number

0 - No protection (sometimes X)
1 - Protection against solid objects> 50mm³ (but not against deliberate contact)
2 - Protection against solid objects> 12mm³ (Fingers or similar objects)
3 - Protection against solid objects> 2.5mm³
4 - Protection against solid objects> 1mm³
5 - Dust cover (enough so that it does not interfere with normal operation)
6 - Full dust protection

Second number

Second number
0 - No protection (sometimes X)
1 - Protection against vertical water droplets (eg condensation)
2 - Protection against direct spray of water on a slope of 15 degrees from a vertical position
3 - Protection against direct spray of water on a slope of 60 degrees from a vertical position
4 - Protection against direct water spray from all directions
5 - Protection against low pressure water jets from all directions
6 - Protection against water jets with high pressure from all directions (eg deck of a ship)
7 - Protection against immersion effects between 15cm to 1m (usually 30 minutes)
8 - Protection against long periods of immersion under pressure (plus one meter, more than 30 minutes)

In addition to the above provisions each manufacturer determines the exact time that their devices can withstand such conditions so the table presents only a general description.

Sony Xperia z5: IP68 certification (full protection against dust and water)
Galaxy s5: IP67 certification total protection against dust and water (can be submerged at depths of 15cm to 1m)


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