Find out the new prices of Dstv packages in Angola



A MultiChoice Angola Limited through a statement informs its DStv customers that the next price changes on their monthly subscriptions for all their packages will take effect as of May 1 2019.

The price changes by the operators, following the recent INACOM on the approval of the implementation of price adjustments of services in the pay-TV sector.

MultiChoice says that, despite strong economic pressure, the operator has not updated its subscription prices in the past 2 years. However, due to inflation, which currently reaches a rate of around 20% and the continuous devaluation of the Kwanza, as well as the increasing increase in its operations, they had to make a price adjustment in order to ensure the sustainability of their business and continue to offer esteemed DStv customers the quality entertainment they appreciate.

Below is the current and new prices of Dstv packages

RESIDENTIAL Current Akz New Akz % Adjustment
Mega 13,400 12,500 -6.72%
Premium 9,900 12,000 21.21%
Boa 8,690 10,500 20.83%
Great More 6,600 8,200 24.24%
Great 4,180 5,200 24.40%
Easy 1,650 2,000 21.21%

The operator informs that it will lower the monthly subscription price of the DStv Mega package and update in a balanced way the packages DStv Premium, DStv Bué, DStv Grande Mais, DStv Grande and DStv Fácil, as well as update the Access Rate, Additional Packages and the Business / Commercial Packages.

Multichoice has also updated the prices of its additional services as well as additional packages.

Additional Services
HD-PVR 1,300 1,600 23.08%
ExtraView 1,300 1,600 23.08%
BoxOffice 600 600 0.00%


  1. Your customer support channel via phone, should be faster, since not everyone has the possibility to have Internet, on the other hand, “Dstv-multichoice” takes a long time to update the change from one package to another (package) , when customers change the package, we often have to call to make complaints, which is not cheap ...
    really improve ...

  2. Good morning DSTV Angola, I think you should personalize the packages, because there are channels that I don’t watch, we should pay for what I consume. You are imposing what you think, it will be better to conduct a survey together with customers to create the packages.

  3. DSTV should have several packages for people to choose what they want to watch, and pay for what they consume, and the call center (customer support), should be free, because the waiting time to be attended to, ends the balance

  4. or better yourself in the same bundle includes how many sports channels and if the movie channels


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