Meet the most photographed 10 locations on Instagram on 2016



The year 2016 is approaching the end and the usual rankings are beginning to emerge. O Instagram after having made some changes in its platform throughout the year, announced the most photographed places in the world.

In addition to the selfies, thousands of attractions have been photographed in 2016 on Instagram, the social network of image sharing that counts with more 500 millions of active users in the world.

The social network, published this week a retrospective with the most picturesque tourist places that year. Below we leave the 10 most photographed locations in 2016, announced by Instagram:

  1. Disney- In several countries
  2. Universal Studios, In several countries
  3.  Central Park- New York, USA
  4. Times Square- New York, USA
  5. Eiffel Tower- Paris, France
  6. Louvre Museum- Paris, France
  7. Las Vegas Strip - Las Vegas, USA
  8. Santa Monica Pier- Los Angeles, USA
  9. Brooklyn Bridge- New York, USA
  10. VDNK Park- Moscow, Russia

According to Instagram, the most used hashtag was #love and the most emoji sent in instant messaging was the red heart.

As we know, the social network during the year that is about to end was highlighted several times throughout the world, was also a social network widely used by Angolans.

Did you contribute any pictures taken at these places?


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