Koenigsegg presents the fastest car on the market


Every year, the automotive industry watches the display of cars in the Geneva. Several manufacturers are presenting their news. So far the highlight goes to the Swedish company Koenigsegg that presented its new supercar:  Jesko, a tribute to the father of the founder of the company.

What is special about the car?

The Koenigsegg Jesko can reach a top speed of 480km / h! Yes, the fastest car on the market (we are obviously excluding competition cars).

Technical characteristics

8 redesigned twin-turbo V5.0 engine, the vehicle can achieve 1.280cv power with common gasoline or 1.600cv power with E85 biofuel.

The company worked on a new transmission system, called Light Speed ​​Transmission, comes with nine speeds and was designed internally, promising “instant” speed changes.

More technology?

  • Apple Carplay, digital audio system, Bluetooth, USB connection, Wireless charging for smartphones
  • 'Bird's eye' automatic parking system, proximity sensors for automatic door opening.

Limited edition

Only Jesko's 125 units will be produced, with the starting price of $ 2,8 million. Do you think the price is high? Well, 90 of the cars had already been sold before the presentation in Geneva.

The production of the cars is scheduled for the end of 2020, with deliveries starting at the beginning of 2021.


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