Launch of mobile payments system in Angola scheduled for October

BNA administrator (left) and the president of Deloitte Angola

In the last quarter of 2018, the information was guaranteed that Angola will introduce payments via mobile phone in 2019, two years later it has not yet been implemented and new guarantees are emerging from the country's central bank, that it does not pass this year according to your schedule.

The Angolan financial system has, as of 1 October, the first service of instant payments and money transfers through telephone terminals, which will be provided by the mobile telecommunications operator Unitel, announced yesterday in Luanda, the BNA administrator Pedro Castro e Silva.

The statements were made to the press at the end of the presentation of the 12th Annual Survey of Technological Trends 2021, a report by Deloitte devoted to the impact of digital technologies on the national economy in the next 12 months. Pedro Castro e Silva stated that the implementation of instant payments is part of the strategies adopted by the BNA based on a study on the available digital currency models, with a first stage focused on the perception of the concept of digital currency, giving rise to a phase of detail which will make it possible to assess the feasibility of introducing a model in line with the country's reality.

“BNA, through EMIS, intends, with this program, to interconnect all these services, so that it is possible to transfer funds between the platforms  e-kwanza (from Banco BAI) and e-Kumbú (Banco Sol), and Unitel, similarly to what happens with banking, where you can already transfer from one bank to another because, behind that, there is a technological infrastructure that allows interoperability ”.

Pedro Castro e Silva stressed that, in the initial phase, instant payments are limited to transactions between people, allowing money to be transferred to any province, without the need for a bank account, as long as the individual has subscribed to one of these services, whereas , as of 2022, it will be possible to pay for services such as energy and all types of purchases.



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